Kajabi e-learning platform that missing

In these months of lockdown, Dad, smartworking and so on have created new job opportunities, and Kajabi offer is e-learning platform that missing.

One of these job opportunities was to develop distance learning, but I am not referring only to school or university.

If you too have a passion and want to teach it, you can use many methods.

You can use the WordPress platform and promote your ideas through informative articles, if you don’t know where to start you can contact me to develop it.

If you intend to hold courses of any kind and to open a real online school, you’ll need a platform that can allow you to do a lot of things.

Like upload lessons, videos, audio, can set assignments and maybe manage a newsletter.

The platform that I propose to you today is Kajabi, it is an innovative platform that already has everything you need to get started.

How it’s done Kajabi: e-learning platform

As you can see the menu is very simple, there are five sections, yes in the promotional video there are only four, this is because the fifth was added later.

Kajabi e-learning platform

Let’s analyze the content of each section:


In this section you can find all the pages you will need already prepared, the Homepage, a login page, a page for a shop (if you also want to sell products).

You can have sales pages too and opportunity to make a blog.

Kajabi e-learning platform

Obviously all these pages are customizable, using the Customize button, you can add images, texts and much more.


In the Products section you can create and find your courses.

Kajabi e-learning platform that missing

You will have a series of pre-set product templates that you can edit and customize.

Kajabi e-learning platform that missing


In the Sales section you can find offers, discount coupons and you can even manage the affiliation program.

Kajabi e-learning platform


In Marketing section, you will find everything you need to manage advertising campaigns via email, manage subscription to newsletters and much more.


In the People section, you will find the list of all users registered on the platform and assignments you can assign during the course.


All of this is what you can find in all the plans proposed by Kajabi .

If you are looking for a platform that can help you to develop your e-learning business, in Kajabi you will find everything you need.

You no longer have to think about interfacing and jumping between different service providers.

You will no longer have to manage a platform to store videos, a platform to manage emails and so on, Kajabi will take care of everything .


Let’s get to the prices part, which is the one that will surely interest you the most right now.

Kajabi e-learning platform that missing

At first glance the prices might seem a bit high but if you think about it you should make a comparison with all the services that are integrated in Kajabi .

If you think about it in the end you will have a considerable saving, but not only that, by selecting the annual payment you will have an additional discount of 20%.

If you think Kajabi can do for you, you also have a two-week free trial and if you need help with the configuration, management and everything related to the courses (offers, newsletter settings, sales pages and other), you can contact LucaMoscucci.it for a free quote.

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